Antalya Teleferik Project

The Antalya Teleferik Project, or Cable Car project, was initiated in 2013 as a project to connect the famous Tünektepe, the coastal mountain overlooking the city of Antalya, with the Sarısu Neighborhood at the edge of the Konyaaltı district. Hoping to attract more visitors to the stunning view from Tünektepe, Antalya Governor Ahmet Altiparmak noted the project would “turn what used to be a dream for this wonderful city into a reality.”

tunektepe teleferik

The Cable line will stretch a total of 1685 meters, reaching the altitude of 604 m at the central station at Tünektepe. The individual compartment cars are designed to seat 8 people, which is estimated to transport 1200 people within an hour going one way. The complex being built at Tünektepe will feature a highly modern architectural style with an orange-like dome structure symbolizing Antalya. The complex will also include a nature terrace, a panoramic terrace, a food court and cafeteria, rest areas, children’s playgrounds and market stands where local products can be sold.

teleferik complex

The project, which is expected to be completed within the next year, is set to cost 13 million Turkish Lira, but it is also expected to pay for itself within 5 years of operation. The President of the Antalya City Municipality Menderes Türel is enthusiastic that the project will become a primary attraction in Antalya.