Using a mortgage in Turkey to buy a property

In Turkey you can buy your property a mortgage by two ways:

Credit from the Construction Company.

You can get a credit directly from some of the construction company where you will pay 50% of the price at the contract signing and you can pay the other 50% with installments up to five years. It is an easy process; all you need is to choose your apartment and sign the sale contract with the construction company where all payment details will be mentioned. There is no any additional paperwork or other fees.

Credit from Banks.

In this way, it is normal bank mortgage like any other country; the following documents is needed to get the credit, our company Search Antalya can help you to get the documents here in Turkey also translate if there is a need also helping you opening a bank account.
The required documents:

A translated copy of your passport
Tax number
Proof of address
Proof of income documents
The title deed of the property

After that we help you to submit your documents and within a week all the process will be finished and you will be able to get your house under your name.