Purchasing process

When you decide to buy a property in Turkey, we highly recommend you to come and see the property at its place. Our company can organize you free of charge airport transfers and property viewing tours.

Sales Contract:

If you like a property on the viewing trips and you decide to purchase the property, we prepare you a sale contract. Our sale contract includes the buyer, seller and property information as well as the agreed conditions.
We guarantee you to purchase the property:

  • From the actual seller.
  • Exact property which is shown to you.
  • Without any debt.
  • Under the agreed conditions. 


When signing a sales contract, the buyer pays 4,000 Euro as down payment to the seller to reserve the property. Within 2 weeks time, you send the agreed amount which is written on the contract. You might need to open a bank account in Turkey- Any person can open a bank account in Turkey- You only need an address document from your country. An utility bill (electricity, water, internet, broadcasting bills, etc.) where your name and your house address written on the bill is obligatory.

Tapu Process (Title Deed):

You need some documents to apply for Tapu in Turkey. You only need to bring your passport or valid ID card. Our company will help you preparing these documents within 2-3 hours time and these documents are:

  • Passport translation at Notary Public.
  • 2 Photos.
  • Tax number registry.
  • Power of Attorney if needed.

After receiving these documents, seller applies for Tapu transfer under your name at Tapu and Land Registry Office. According to "Turkish Property Law", foreigners must get permission from the Military Headquarters, if the property is "not" close to the military zones. Our company has no listing close to military zones and has never been declined from the Military Headquarters. This permission process takes approximately 2 months.

When the permission comes, the seller and the buyers sign conveyance act at Tapu and Land Registry Office. The same day before signature, Tapu taxes will be paid. All payment of the property should be paid just before signature. According to property law, the seller has to declare "I have recieved all money".