Why Invest in Antalya


Antalya is not only a very well-known sea resort on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, but it is also an attractive destination for foreign real estate investors, due to many reasons. Some of the these reasons are listed below. Please contact Search Antalya for any questions. We are always happy to hear from you..


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    • Constant property prices' INCREASE

Properties in Antalya have been climbing up in value steadily over the past few years and they are expected to continue their climb for years ahead


    • Remarkably good VALUE

Right now, you can purchase a brand new property from a reputed construction company here in sunny Antalya for just under 50,000 Euro, which is a fraction of what you would pay for a similar property in other holiday destination in Spain/ France and a tiny fraction of what you would pay in rainy London!


    • Accessibility

Antalya international airport is one of the best served airports in Turkey, offering easy, cheap and regular access from most countries in Europe, the Middle East and many more destinations around the world.


    • Climate

Antalya benefits from 300 days of sunshine per year, and while it is almost always warm, it is very rarely searingly hot as tourists have complained of in Spain’s touristic hotspots.


    • Great Beaches and Plenty of Amenities

The region of Antalya has 163 Blue Flag beaches and three marinas, as well as plenty of shops, restaurants, bars, and amenities. MILLIONS of foreign tourists visit every year for relaxation in this region of Turkey.


    • Modern infrastructure

The city is modern and clean with all major facilities within reach. There’s hardly any traffic. Also hardly any power or water shortages. Public services are excellent and schools & hospitals are easily accessible


    • Many opportunities for starting & developing a BUSINESS

Import/export, tourism, real estate and agriculture are some of the important economic sectors in which foreign entrepreneurs maybe interested in. For example, Antalya is the city where more than 700 companies, that are active in the export business, have their headquarters.


    • Metropolitan City

Antalya is the fourth largest city in Turkey, boasting over a million inhabitants. So of course Antalya has loads of amenities, but this also offers a whole new arm to its property investment potential as well!

We have all heard how Antalya property makes a great holiday home investment (fly to let), but with the population growing rapidly in affluence and number, it also has a strong residential market, which gives it great potential as a buy to let property investment destination as well.