Antalya EXPO 2016

One of the most important worldwide organizations, A1 Category Botanical Expo, is going to be held in Antalya with the theme of “Flowers and Children”. “Expo 2016 Antalya” is expected to attract millions of people together with generating enormous benefits in every manner. Eight million people are expected to visit Expo 2016 Antalya during a period of 6 months. In this figure, 5 million foreigners will explore the Antalya Expo and of those 2 million will very likely come to Antalya just to visit the Antalya Expo. In addition to this, it is expected that there will be 3 million domestic visitors and of those five hundred thousand will come to the Expo with regard to developing the region.



More than 100 countries and 30 international organizations are expected to participate in Expo 2016 Antalya. Within 90 hectares of Expo land, 4 main areas called Expo Hill, Expo Forest, Expo Pond and Expo Tower are going to be visited by millions of tourists. During Expo period of six months 20.000 different activities are going to be organized including panel discussions, meetings, seminars, performing arts events, concerts and most importantly children congresses. The current state of the local landscaping which is arranged by the local municipalities and the tourism sector is a positive and encouraging position for Antalya.