Arab Village to be Built in Antalya

Various steps have been taken to attract Arab and American tourists to Turkey instead of Russian and German tourists. As a first step in this project, Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu has signed an agreement with the Arab Tourism Organisation in order to bring more Arab tourists to Turkey. A mutual agreement has been reached on building an ‘Arab Village’ for the Arab tourists in Antalya. It has been decided that the Arab Tourism Organisation will open a contact office in Istanbul and a private airline company will begin direct flights from Jeddah to Antalya.


Jeddah Saudi Arabia










Direct flights from Jeddah to Antalya


Turkey in the quest for diversity of tourists has also turned its eye towards America. Launching direct flights to bring tourists to Antalya from New York is put on the agenda. Turkish Airlines has cooperated with a company who wishes to bring tourist via charter service. This tourism company is said to have made ​​sales of about four thousand in a short time. It is envisioned that further steps will be taken in order to regulate the aforementioned flights.


New York City USA











Direct flights from New York City to Antalya