Konyaaltı Beach Project

The Konyaaltı Beach Project began as a competition organized by the Antalya City Municipality in partnership with the Antalya Architect’s Union. The competition, which began in September 2014 and ended December 1 2014, invited teams of Antalya’s top architects to submit a proposal for the development and beautification of the famous Konyaaltı beach. The competition results and the winning project were revealed in April earlier this year. The winning proposal was submitted by architect Mucip Ülger and his team.

“As a main principle, we wanted to ensure that green spaces did not abruptly end where the beach starts. We wanted the beach, the sand, the grass, and other green spaces to be an integrated whole, without an artificial wall separating them. ” explained Ülger in an interview after the competition results were released.

Speaking with excitement about the project, the President of the Antalya Municipality Menderes Türel explained “We want to back this project because it will make the beach a center for social life. This new project will ensure that Konyaaltı shines like a star in Antalya. It will make Konyaaltı the new thriving center of tourism in Antalya.”

Türel added that he was optimistic the project will be completed by the beginning of next year’s tourist season.